Best place to get a tattoo in Oregon.

Look no further than Epic Ink. I am in the process of getting a large custom piece from Mark and it has been an awesome experience. I did a ton of research on artists from NorCal to Portland and Epic has the best. Award winning artists that actually listen to you and what you want, in combination with a super clean shop and friendly support staff make this place unbeatable! 5 stars for sure!

The BEST tattoo and piercing shop in town!!

VERY clean inside and out, SUPER NICE and COOL front desk staff and tattoo artists KORYNN, KORY & MARK & the body piercer Melinda too! The best quality for your buck! Big selection in jewelry for piercings and art selection for tattoos! I wont go anywhere else in the rogue valley!!

This place is awesome...

Everyone is very friendly and incredibly helpful. The environment is very comfortable and welcoming. They even asked me what kind of music we should put on in the shop, which made the whole process a lot more enjoyable. I also have been pierced multiple times by Melinda and was completely satisfied. To be honest this is the best place for any sort of body modification in the Rogue Valley!!!


EPIC INK is frickin awesome! I got my first tattoo there 4 years ago & am still getting them there today. The new shop is amazing! Its very clean & feels comfortable. I have been tattooed by Mark, Korynn & Kory & love all my work, its impeccable. I have also been pierced there many times and the service was extremely friendly & relaxed. If you want a tattoo or piercing, you must check out Epic Ink! Best prices in town for piercing too!

The staff at Epic is very professional.

Mark designed my tattoo took the time to make sure it was just what I wanted. It came out amazing. I have personally know the artists for several years its a family run business. Everyone is very friendly and not cocky like some of the other tat shops in town.

I went into Epic Ink for the first time a few weeks ago.

The way the staff got along and the overall vibe of the shop was very nice. I met the staff was amazed at how clean the shop was. I have been in other tattoo shops in the past, and I think I expected the hard core dark tattoo shop; it was not, it was very well lit, calm, clean, and relaxing. When I was in the shop, a lady on the plus side of 60 was getting a tattoo, and on the other side, a young lady in her 20's was getting one herself. Both had the same relaxed happy vibe as the employee's in the shop did. I can't wait to go back.

I got my first tattoo from Mark Kidd

and have never looked back. I have people ask me all the time "Where did you get it done, it's beautiful." Not only is his tattoo work amazing but he creates a VERY clean and comfortable environment. I have another tattoo scheduled and I already know I will LOVE IT!!!. Thanks Mark

JUST got a tattoo from Mark Kidd, and let me tell you, I LOVE MY BOWS!!

As the owner of the shop, this guy has 12 years exp. and does a FANTASTIC work of art. I was able to just walk in today, and be treated with the ut-most respect from the get-go, got a tattoo (for an AMAZING deal) and I got hooked up 'cause it's my birthday. THANKS, MARK...YOU'RE THE ONLY ARTIST I WILL SEE 'TILL YOU RETIRE!! -alix

AWESOME... Best shop in town.

Great Staff, great artists and great prices. Super friendly and always the best to work with. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Mark did a great job on my tattoo

I wouldn't have gone anywhere else. Hands done Epic Ink is by far the best tattoo place in the rogue valley so if you look for somewhere to get some sick ink come down to Epic and they'll hook you up

Just had my 4th piercing at Epic

and as always: spotless clean, fantastic service, excellent technique from their piercer. I've shopped and used every shop in this valley and many in San Francisco through out the years....these guys ARE the ONLY professional shop in town.

Comfortable Environment

The pricing to get a tattoo is great here. Very comfortable environment. Felt very comfortable. I got a tattoo on my hip was not uncomfortable at all. They were very respectful on where i was getting it. Love the shop cant wait to get a second tattoo here!!!!

Superior Quality work, fantastic pricing

I have gotten several piercings from Epic Ink, and love every single one of them! The staff is informative and friendly, I've never had any problems with anyone there. The shop is sterile and comfortable, I'd stay there 24/7 if it was possible. The piercer is amazing, always has a smile on her face, as well as being the gentlest piercer I've had. It has been an honor being stabbed by her!! Superior quality in everything I've had done there, as well as awesome tattoos that several people I know that have gotten done at Epic. I would recommend anyone wanting fantastic quality work done to go to Epic. I've had piercings done at a other shop and my nipples were in such bad shape. They pierced them with the wrong gage, one of them was growing out straight through my nipple, after 8 months of having them done. Epic got everything sorted out, informed me of the proper gage that should be in. She probably saved my nipples. All in all, go to Epic.

Recommened to everyone!

I went and got my nose pierced here, they did an amazing job! They said it would heal in about 6 weeks and mine took less than 3 weeks to heal. They were very gentle and made sure i liked where the placement was for it. They made me very comfortable while I was there and it was quick n easy!


I've had a couple tattoo's and a few piercings done here and it is hands down the cleanest shop I've ever been into. I recommend them to everyone I know. Excellent staff who know their stuff! Walked out happy every time I leave.


I have been tattooed and pierced at this shop several times and every time I have had wonderful, great experiences! I get stopped in the stores when people ask me where I get my work done! I love all my piercings and tattoos and it’s great to know they were done professionally with years of experience and sterile.

Epic ink IS EPIC!!!

I went in there and I wanted to get a tattoo on my birthday it was a big piece for my first one and Mark in there was so awesome he set me up on my birthday cause he had just enough time to do it and I was so thankful he did I love the tattoo it is so badass and their piercer was awesome did a good job on the piercings too. I would recommend here over anywhere else very awesome people!


I have gotten a total of around 10 piercings and about to be 2 tattoos from Epic and they are amazing! Marc and Melinda Really put a lot of effort into making their business a place that you want to come back to. They are always caring and professional along with totally clean and sanitized! Unlike some of the other tattoo and piercing parlors in the area they really care about making your experience great for you! I would recommend Epic to anyone I know and meet, its a great place!

Mark did an awesome job on my tattoo.

Very talented and entertaining. He discounted my price. Awesome place!

Got my first Tattoo at Epic and will not be going anywhere else!!

Very professional shop, extremely clean and sanitary! I get non stop compliments on my tat. Looking forward to my next visit to them! Check them out!


If you're looking for great tattoo and piercing work Epic Ink is the spot to visit. Great staff, clean shop, professional and friendly. I get complimented on the work I've gotten there daily. New shop is great, enough great things can't be said about Epic Ink Tattoo & Piercing.

Great bunch of guys down there they are very personal and have a talented crew.

Only the best from them.

Wonderful staff from piercing to tattoos.

Very professional. Great new location in a new shop. Very clean, and has a great atmosphere. I have been to tattoo shops in the area, and out. My tattoos and piercings from Epic Ink have been the best. They are great.

Epic Ink is the only place my husband and I will go.

Extremely professional and CLEAN! Great customer service with a friendly staff. I recommend them to everyone. You will not be disappointed!

My bf and I just got our names tattooed on each other there and it was awesome!!

They made it such a fun even more exciting experience! Im about to call and see if they can do an edward gorey painting on my side I've always wanted!!! I love them!!!!


just got my labret done nothing but good things too say I will go back for sure

450 S Central, Medford OR 97501

Open Noon - 8:00pm Tuesday - Saturday